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Happy Publication Day to C. D Fox! Dreams is out today!

A metaphorical reading of ‘Dreams’ offers a varied perspective exploring the concept of illness, wellness and mental health. Dreams offer several new possibilities for research and analysis in the field of mental illness and its representation in literature. Fox teaches us to analyse the variety of dreams we have daily and lets us interpret the connection between consciousness and our memories. Book lovers get super thrilled when they learn new concepts through a book. It’s just like reading a book inside a book for us.

Fox’s introduction and explanation of dream theories educate the reader and motivate them to learn more about the scientific interpretations of dreams, mental illness and the connection between them. Another essential concept in the book is ecocriticism.

Throughout the book, the descriptions of nature and the characters collectively aim to throw a question to light: Who owns nature? When C. D. Fox answers your questions about reality and dreams, he alerts you to a few powerful questions the world needs to think of. In a nutshell, be ready for Dreams to transform your reality!

In a nutshell, be ready for Dreams to transform your reality. You can order your copy at our bookstore and wherever books are sold!

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