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Tall in the Face of Adversity

Tall in the face of Adversity tells the story of S J Briggs. A man who grew up in humble beginnings within a military family. He endured years of child abuse from his schoolteacher and Peter Righton, founder of PIE, Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s. Briggs enlisted in the army, was wounded in action, lived homeless in London, built a business and finally faced his abuser in courts forty years after the incident. Brutally honest, Brigg’s unbiased account will bring tears to the eyes of readers. It is a tale about the incredible bravery of a soldier and the scars he bore for years as a child abused by people that should have protected him.


My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother

“T. Hudson Roberts is an upcoming American author who zooms in on a new perspective on the fantasy genre using humour. Filmon Trout is the main protagonist who wants to keep his family safe. Unconventional or not, this family goes through real-life issues everyone can relate to; If you want a light-hearted fantasy read that will leave you laughing, read this book.” Abi Congreve.


Dreams by C. D. Fox

“Dreams is a portrait of humanity’s greatest downfall: the hubris of intellect over emotion. It questions the ability of its characters to escape this hamartia, from friendship to family, sex to love, and blood to water. Whilst logic pulls one way, Fox’s characters greedily pursue courses of action that can only lead to devastation. Whether pursuing an impossible love or sating despicable cravings, Dreams leaves no stone unturned in its quest for the truth.” – Lily Laycock.

Dreams is available Now!


The Afflicted

Dr John Simmons, a world-leading genetic engineer, is a genius. Beset by personal tragedies, he created the ultimate drug, a miracle cure for many. Can a miracle turn into a disaster? Can anyone stop the faceless murderers driven by greed, intent on wiping out generations of humans?



Pictures of Anna

Anna, a German of Roma origin, is stepping into a new life in London. She will finally escape the horrors of her past. But events in her adopted homeland throw her best-laid plans in disarray. This is her story. It’s a story about hope and heartbreak, love and hate, anger and confusion, blind prejudice and intolerance, and even redemption.


The Architect: Four Countries, Four Faces

Against a backdrop of international intrigue and intense spiritual warfare, architect Marga Jann takes us on a seat-gripping journey through a quartet of academic assignments — with much more at stake than her professorial mission. Based at Cambridge, she unwittingly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous and diplomatically-sensitive battle between MI6/CIA operatives and Saudi Intelligence—a narrative she daringly recounts in this first part of a riveting trilogy.


I Felt Him Die

Dorothy Shackleton walks into Barber Street station and announces that her husband has been murdered. The desk Sergeant on duty, Sheridan, naturally asks for evidence. Dorothy’s only proof is that she ‘felt him die’—there is no motive, weapon, body, or evidence. What followed is a complex and multifaceted case stretching from the UK to the USA, exposing not one murder but multiple deaths linked to drug cartels.



A KILLER ON THE PROWL PC Patrick is a typical cop whose duties mostly revolve around pandering to the city’s takers, who cost the government a small fortune in state benefits. When they start to die, Pat is framed for their downfall. Suspecting a new colleague, but without proof, the police arrested and placed Pat in custody. He escapes devising a plan to clear his name. A DEADLY ENEMY What follows is a battle of wits as mysterious men pursue Pat and his family. And as Pat draws ever closer to revealing the truth about what’s going on, an altogether different, far more shocking truth emerges that threatens the very fabric of society.


Cydonia: Rise of the fallen

An ex-priest, Aaron Cohen, is desperate to live a simple life, marry his girlfriend Kate, and work on a book, but forces beyond his control push him into a fight he can not win. As events unfolded with alarming speed, Aaron’s life spiralled out of control. Chased by strange men, he embarks on an adventure to protect the elusive Ark of the Covenant and the stones of fire. Aaron is rapidly losing the battle as asteroids slam into cities. With millions of lives at stake, he’s fighting to stay alive and destroy brutal forces intent on annihilating humans. Chased from London to Rome and then to the ancient city of Lalibela in Ethiopia, Aaron fights demons in human forms, escapes assassin’s bullets, and every attempt to halt impending doom seems slimmer than ever.


The feet of Darkness

Michael Crest, a nuclear scientist, leaves his family on a secret mission that could kill him. Without saying goodbye, he disappears without a trace. Michael’s wife, Evelyn, suspects foul play, but she must prove to the police that her husband is still alive.

Sharon Cole’s entire life is shrouded in mystery. She must unravel the misery behind her father’s sudden death, and a sword-wielding believer, David, must keep his faith in God as he battles with fear and failure. Hammed Khalif’s entire family perished in Gaza. He’s thirsty for revenge, but Hammed faces the ultimate test of what makes him human. Five people in three countries, connected by fate and sheer luck. Would they stop an impending war? Can love overcome hatred and darkness?

The unfolding events would put strangers together, test their strength, and turn friends into enemies. Can love conquer all? Can love work its magic on a vengeful soul intent on revenge?