Sam Martin, author of Pictures of Anna

Are you a writer? Do you believe in yourself? Do you have this insatiable desire to write? Have you been rejected by traditional publishers? If you have answered yes to all these questions, do not look any further.

At Arrow Gate Publishing, we welcome both experienced and new authors. We have hardworking editors who would review your work before deciding the best approach suitable for each book. Our imaginative book designers would work with you at every stage of production, and we always look forward to offering our authors traditional publishing contracts. Our authors get to keep a significant percentage of their royalties.

Our only request is this: write an outstanding book, and if you were right for us, we would be proud to work with you.

Author Mark Sexton with his daughters, Natalie and Charlotte

C. D. Fox, Author of Dreams


David J Bailey, author of I Felt Him Die

Fiction: Contemporary Fiction, Crime & Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Sagas & Romance, Supernatural, Literary & Classic and Short Stories.Β Nonfiction: Biography & Memoirs, Business, Family & Health, Food & Drink, Gardening, History, Humour, Mind, Body & Spirit, Religion, Politics & Current Affairs, Science, Sport, Travel, Education, Parents & Professionals, Art and Music, Poetry and Children.

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