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C.D. Fox

C. D. Fox was born in Bromley, southeast London, but grew up in a Rutland village near the market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. He attended Stamford School and the University of Sheffield before embarking on a career in Education and has earned two master’s degrees from the Universities of Warwick and Oxford, respectively. He enjoys playing cricket during the summer holidays when he gets a break from teaching. Other hobbies include reading, gardening, and walking in the countryside. He has lived in Oxford since 2011.

Dreams is out now


Hillery Baptiste

Hillery Baptiste’s debut is a ground-breaking historical fiction inspired by actual events. We should not erase and rewrite history. Instead, we should learn from our past, not run from it.

Hillery Baptiste is based in London and is from the shoe-making mecca of Northampton. She has fond memories of exciting childhood summers spent visiting relatives across the capital: soaking up the loud atmosphere, sampling pepper-laced meals and listening to the comforting harmonies of ‘home’ accents.

Baptiste worked in the creative industry and fulfilled a long-held dream of honing her writing skills by completing a master’s degree in creative writing. A Name in History was planned during her studies and centres on one woman’s efforts to seek the truth behind a closely guarded family secret linked to an unfamiliar name in their past. Touching on secrets hiding in plain sight, the story creates a memorably emotional vista of history that, seamlessly and disturbingly, continues to shape our collective futures.

A Name in History is out in the spring of 2023.

S J Briggs

Steve Briggs was born in Blackpool in 1966 and ‘Tall in the face of Adversity’ tells his story. He grew up from humble beginnings within a military family. Briggs endured years of child abuse from his former schoolteacher and Peter Righton, the founder of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the 1970s.

Briggs enlisted in the army and served for several years. He wounded in action and discharged from the military. Briggs has faced many obstacles in his life. He was homeless in London for a few years and also built a business from scratch. Steve Briggs finally faced his abuser in court forty years after the incident.

Briggs’ unbiased account will bring tears to people’s eyes about the incredible bravery of a soldier and the scars he bore for years as a child abused by people that should have protected him.

The memoir is out now.

Marga Jann

Marga Jann is a French-American architect whose work has appeared in many international art and architecture publications. After graduating from Swarthmore College with Honors, Marga Jann got her M. Arch from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. At Columbia, she won a Kinne Fellowship for travel abroad and a Lowenfish Prize for the best terminal design project. Marga was a research scholar at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA)-UP6, Paris; holds an MSt in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (Architecture and Engineering) from the University of Cambridge and has been the recipient of several Fulbright grants.

She is a Professor and chair of Architectural Engineering at The American University of Kurdistan. Jann is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. She works as a licensed, registered architect (Hawaii, New York, and the EU), with her own firm, Poetic License.

Marga is an author, artist, parent, and professor. Her recent book, a semi-autobiographical novel, The Architect: Four Countries, Four Faces, is out now.


Mark Sexton

Mark Sexton is born and bred in Birmingham. His debut crime thriller, Elimination, published in January 2020, is available now. Mark spent fifteen years serving as a police officer before retiring with PTSD, aged 45, because of the horrendous events he witnessed while on the job. Before joining the police force, he was a county court certificated bailiff for eight years.

Now aged 52, and the father of two daughters, Mark spends part of each year in Thailand, where his girlfriend lives.

Elimination is out now.


Sam Martin

Sam Martin is a British screenwriter based in Germany. He penned two adult length feature films and has written his first novel. Sam graduated from the University of Sunderland with a degree in Media Studies. He spent a year in Saudi Arabia before returning to study at the University of Lancaster, where he received a teaching certificate. Sam practised in Germany and France as an English teacher and subsequently settled in Konstanz on the Swiss/German border. As a writer and materials developer, he works for a major international language school based in Switzerland.

Sam Martin has written two full-length feature-film screenplays. Film production companies bought the rights to the screenplays. An Academy Award-winning film producer acquired the rights of the second screenplay, which is now in development.

His latest novel, Pictures of Anna, is available worldwide.

David J Bailey

David J Bailey is married to Gillian, with three grown-up children and six grandchildren. David was an engineer for twenty-eight years. Following his theology and biblical studies degree at Manchester University, he served as a Baptist Minister in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, for thirteen years. He retired in 2,005 and has pursued his passion for writing since then.

An eclectic writer, his primary focus has been on children’s books—picture books and novels. However, he has branched out into adult novels and non-fiction. His next book is an adult novel titled ‘I Felt Him Die’, a murder mystery.

I Felt Him Die is available worldwide.


T. Hudson Roberts

T. Hudson Roberts is a first-time author who loves to make people laugh or smile. His quirky humour novel, ‘My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother Headley,’ will induce smiles or even laughter. The story follows a loving father who will do anything for his two little boys, even if it means engaging in vigilante justice.

Mr Roberts came up with the idea for Fred and Headley on Bubblews, a social writing site where many of his followers had encouraged him to write a book, and he did. An avid piano player, Mr Roberts is keen to share the adventures of Fred and Headley with the world. 

The novel is available worldwide.


Seyi David is a graduate of English language. She is studying for her MA in Creative, Professional and Digital Writing at London Metropolitan University London. A journalist, an educator, and a writer. She is the author of several works of fiction, short stories, and poems. Her novel, Cydonia: Rise of the fallen, is out now.

David is working on other book projects, notably a collection of short stories titled Tales of Five Lies and Other Stories, which Arrow Gate will release in Autumn.

Visit her website, https://seyisandradavid.org, to learn more.

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Andy Strutt 130725 - 2

Andy Strutt is a writer with a vivid imagination. He worked as a scientist for several years before an injury forced him off the microscopes and microbes. He writes Sci-Fi, and his début novel, The Afflicted, is on sale worldwide.

Find out more on his Google page, https://sites.google.com/site/authorandystrutt/.