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Mary Anne Willow was born in Yorkshire in 1962. As a child of three, she witnessed her father violently beating her mother ‘like a deranged baboon’ as she clung to her baby brother believing they would die. At 7, the family moved back to her parent’s hometown in north-west England. Over the next ten years, Mary Anne would face domestic and sexual abuse, maternal alcoholism, the agonising death of her beloved grandmother from breast cancer and the sadistic teachings of her school teachers. Growing up in a culture of misogynistic oppression, irrational working-class hate and lack of female power, Mary Anne Willow escaped to Wales to work in a seaside hotel where she became enlightened by coastal beauty while ‘serving’ others. Empowered by the respite from domestic violence during her Welsh working holiday she returned home and train as a nurse. In the years that followed she worked and studied in some of the most prestigious hospitals across England. She constantly strived to reach her full nursing and academic potential and was awarded a distinction for a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management.

Mary Anne is an author with a compelling message which will inspire, encourage, and support readers going through what some of us may have passed through at certain times in our lives, and what many are still living with today. Mary Anne writes about mental health with clarity and honesty. Her book evokes a sense of freedom that many are searching for and it is so important that Mary Anne has written this book. She did not sugarcoat life; she addressed mental health as it is but that was not all. There is love, hope, and laughter; Mary Anne encourages us to find hope within.  She has written a memoir meant for the entire world. From the struggling professional to the stressed housewife and the successful entrepreneur. Her work speaks for itself.

Arrow Gate Publishing would release ‘THE GRACE OF A NIGHTINGALE’ in the coming months.

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Marga Jann is a French-American architect whose work has appeared in many international art and architecture publications. After graduating from Swarthmore College with Honors, Marga Jann got her M. Arch from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning.  At Columbia, she won a Kinne Fellowship for travel abroad and a Lowenfish Prize for the best terminal design project. Marga was a research scholar at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA)-UP6, Paris; holds an MSt in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (Architecture and Engineering) from the University of Cambridge and has been the recipient of several Fulbright grants. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and works as a licensed, registered architect (Hawaii, New York, and the EU), with her own firm, Poetic License. Marga is an author, artist, parent, and professor. Her new book, a semi-autobiographical novel, Four Countries, Four Faces would be out soon.




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Seyi Sandra David is a graduate of English language, a journalist an educator and a writer. She is the author of several works of fiction, short stories, and poems. Her current novel, ‘Cydonia: Rise of the fallen,’  is out now. She is working on other book projects, visit her website, http://seyisandradavid.org to learn more.

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Andrew Strutt is a writer with a vivid imagination. He worked as a scientist for several years before an injury forced him off the microscopes and microbes. He writes Sci-Fi, and his début novel, ‘The Afflicted’ is on sale worldwide. Find out more on his Google page, https://sites.google.com/site/authorandystrutt/



Valerie Davies is a fantastic writer whose words never ceases to amaze us. The second edition of her non-fiction book, a memoir, aptly titled, ‘The Sound Of Water,’ was published in 2013. She writes on many topics on her website, http://www.valeriedavies.com/

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