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Seyi Sandra David is the author of several works of fiction, short stories, and poems. Her current novel, ‘Cydonia: Rise of the fallen,’  is out now. She is working on other book projects, visit her website, http://seyisandradavid.org to learn more.

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Andrew Strutt is a writer with a vivid imagination. He worked as a scientist for several years before an injury forced him off the microscopes and microbes. He writes Sci Fi, and his début novel, ‘The Afflicted’ is on sale worldwide. Find out more on his Google page, https://sites.google.com/site/authorandystrutt/



Valerie Davies is a fantastic writer whose words never ceases to amaze us. The second edition of her non-fiction book, a memoir, aptly titled, ‘The Sound Of Water,’ was published in 2013. She writes on all sorts of topic on her website, http://www.valeriedavies.com/

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