Fast-paced and action packed, Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen is a compelling, well-rounded supernatural thriller following an epic struggle between good and evil; between mortals and demons.

David’s writing is certain to enthral from the first page, where the drama begins without preamble. From the Vatican to Washington, and London to Ethiopia, Cydonia is full of gripping twists and turns. Individual tales of friendship, romance, betrayal and redemption are united through an overarching battle against supernatural forces, intent on anarchy and destruction.

The author skilfully brings together a colourful cast of characters to create an intricate web of intriguing stories, gradually unravelled over the course of the novel. The varied themes and characters of these interconnected stories drive the book forwards, constantly providing new and exciting aspects to engage the reader, while at the same time adding depth to the main plot line.

Highly dramatic and sensationalised, Cydonia takes the reader to a world far removed from reality and immerses them in the supernatural. Combining the grounding familiarity of humans with unearthly demons, David deftly guides the reader through the conflicts and struggles facing Aaron and his comrades in their mission to avert disaster, and ultimately to save the earth.

The novel is available worldwide.

agp-as-ta-cover-3dfileThe Afflicted will satisfy people’s thirst for science fiction horror. The recurring melancholic memories from a genetic engineer, Dr John Simmons’ past only spur him into a deeper commitment to his work. The story blends his tragic past and progressive future as the reader is led further into the plot. Reminiscence for John is soon replaced with dread as he realises the effects his scientific experiment may have on the country.

The story is laced with suspense as it unfolds with drastic consequences for well devised characters. A gripping tale of how greed and jealousy can become the root of a plot so evil that it causes characters to abuse their power and cross the line of innate human behaviour.

A thrilling read to keep you on the edge of your seat as the pages keep turning.

 ‘The Afflicted‘ is available worldwide.

agp-vd-tsow-cover-3dfileThe sound of the sea echoes through every day of this part diary, part journal, part memoir. It’s a contemplative book about mindfulness, in the broad sense that it is about being aware and being conscious of the present.

It savours day-to-day life, the little details as well as the vast panorama of history – in fact, it’s a celebration of life with some humour, some sadness and much enjoyment! In the introduction, Valerie quotes the poet Antonio Machado saying ‘Travellers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.’

This is her walk.

Sound Of Water is available worldwide.


designforwriters-ssd-tfod-cover-3dImagine a world where the unseen rules and the seen are helplessly rooted in darkness. A world where darkness reigns with gay impunity while evil spread its tentacles unabashed. A world where darkness threatens all as powers beyond the comprehension of man threatens to eliminate all we know and holds dear.

 In such a world, the only game left for all is survival, except…maybe…there are some chosen people somewhere, hiding beyond the darkness that can fight and liberate all…

 Jezreel, a mighty angel saddled with the responsibility of preventing the impending doom choose three  people to help salvage the destiny of humanity.

 Michael, a gullible British scientist, Sharon, a quirky floundering young woman whose entire life is shroud in mystery and a sword-wielding believer, David, whose faith must endure the test of adversity. Would they succeed? Can love overcome darkness and eliminate the spirit of the power of the air? Can love work its magic on a vengeful soul intent on revenge? Can love conquer all?

The Feet Of Darkness is available worldwide.