PC Patrick is a typical cop whose duties mostly revolve around pandering to the city’s takers, who cost the government a small fortune in state benefits. When they start to die, Pat—a vocal opponent of scroungers and their self-entitled mindset—is the name in the frame for their downfall. Strongly suspecting that a new colleague, PC Kyle Aston, is behind the deaths, Pat comes under fire from the force, is arrested and placed in custody.


What follows is a battle of wits, as mysterious men in dark vans pursue Pat and his family. And as Pat draws ever closer to revealing the truth about what’s going on, an altogether different, far more shocking truth emerges that threatens the very fabric of society.

Review: Mark Sexton’s debut novel complies significantly with one of Mark Twain’s best pieces of advice ‘write what you know’. As a former police officer, his insightful remarks on the force’s daily performance make this procedural raw and allows readers to see how rough on the edges certain aspects are. Plot-wise the promise of this novel is riveting, and it will keep you guessing to the last pages — Page-Turner, gritty, realistic, and lots of action.

– Camilla KG, PhD candidate in English Literature, Editor/Professor of 19th Century Literature.




A twisty, compelling, and utterly riveting tale, I Felt Him Die will captivate readers with a penchant for mystery. Written by prolific author David J Bailey, the story opened with an elderly woman walking into the police station to announce that someone had killed her husband.

After some probing by the desk sergeant who initially didn’t believe the woman, the police began an investigation, but the plot thickens and spirals out of control. The plot deftly reveals multiple murders, thuggery, kidnap, and a worldwide drug organisation. David wrote with such conviction, and as the story progresses, the twists and unfolding drama come together scarily and unexpectedly.

 I Felt Him Die is available for sale worldwide.

Review: I Felt Him Die is a slow-burning novel that unboxes mysteries of complex lives that start with a death.

– Fatha Hassan




We are proud to announce that we will release Mary Anne Willow’s inspirational memoir, ‘The Grace Of A Nightingale’ in April 2019. Mary Anne is an author with a compelling message which will inspire, encourage, and support readers going through what some of us may have passed through at certain times in our lives, and what many are still living with today.

Mary Anne writes about mental health with clarity and honesty. Her book evokes a sense of freedom that many are searching for, and it is so important that Mary Anne has written this book. Mary Anne did not sugarcoat life. She addressed mental health as it is, but that was not all. There is love, hope, and laughter; Mary Anne encourages us to find hope within.  She has written a memoir meant for the entire world. From the struggling professional to the stressed housewife and the successful entrepreneur. Her work speaks for itself.

Nightingale is available worldwide.

5 Star Amazon Review: How can we make the best of our lives? What makes us choose the paths we do? Where does resilience come from, and what does it look like? Anyone with interest in these questions can learn from this inspiring chronicle of one young woman’s escape from poverty, violence, and abuse into senior public sector leadership. The Grace of a Nightingale is also a book for anyone feeling stuck or assailed by difficulties, for those who think the odds are stacked against them because of where they have started in life or defeated and exhausted by illness or injustice. Mary Anne’s story is simply written with good humour and generosity. Readers will want to know what happened next as she tells her story and shows us how it is possible to learn from your most painful experiences, to notice that you have different aspirations to those around you, to see and seize an opportunity, and to step by step, determine your own future and become able to act in the world in a way which is powerful, independent and truthful.

Nightingale is also a book for those who seek to walk beside young people living with disadvantage, the sick and the troubled. This is because Mary Anne is careful to pick out the people and organisations whose support helped her endure and grow, from the Samaritans to nursing colleagues, other people’s mothers and faith leaders. Her story describes what support mattered most when and why and is an encouragement to everyone who would seek to help others get through tough times.

Nightingale is also a fabulous reminder that there is always more to the people we encounter than first meets the eye.

– Dawn Tallon, MSc, PDip.





Pictures of Anna is a story of people caught up in the tide of world-defining events, fighting for love, peace, and ultimately their human rights.

The predicament of those who sought a safe harbour in World War II, and ended up once again being the focus of suspicion and hostility, is a subject that is lacking in the annals of fiction, set in the 20th century. Pictures of Anna is a novel that helps to redress the balance.

This novel focuses on love, trust, and the sacrifice of two lovers caught in the cruelty of war. Interweaving gritty prose which feels uncomfortable with a different, more sensitive, human component that shines through. Author Sam Martin has combined these elements seamlessly to give a well-rounded view of the war on the home front. We can not miss the claustrophobic, tense atmosphere in this delicate work of fiction.

Pictures of Anna is an exploration of fate, the meaning of existence, and the strength of human relationships in times of great stress. It depicts the horrors inflicted by humans upon each other and the fragile sense of security of those times in such a way they will stay with the reader long after the book has closed.

It is a tragic love story. But perhaps its real tragedy is that a lot of the things it exposes—intolerance; paranoia blind prejudice; the gross invasion of civil liberties; and a disregard for human dignity—have never gone away. They’ve only re-surfaced in a different form.—Pictures of Anna plays in May 1940. Its message is more relevant than ever today.

The novel is available for sale worldwide.

5 Star Amazon Review: I read this book and couldn’t put it down. It’s sad, hopeful, uplifting and just one of the best books out now. It’s a World War 2 story, and it’s reminiscent of what’s happening now in Europe and the UK. It’s also a love story. It tells a story that people haven’t read before about the war. I’m glad I read it.




The Afflicted will satisfy people’s thirst for science fiction horror. The recurring melancholic memories from a genetic engineer, Dr John Simmons’ past, only spur him into a more profound commitment to his work. The story blends his tragic past and progressive future as the author led the reader further into the plot. Reminiscence for John is soon replaced with dread as he realises the effects his scientific experiment may have on the country.

Andy Strutt laced the story with suspense as it unfolds with drastic consequences for well-devised characters. A gripping tale of how greed and jealousy can become the root of a plot so evil it causes characters to abuse their power and cross the line of innate human behaviour.

A thrilling read to keep you on the edge of your seat as the pages keep turning.

‘The Afflicted‘ is available worldwide.


5 Star Amazon Review: If, like me, your guilty pleasure is curling up with a juicy novel containing enough gore to tease your dark side and a clever plot to keep you guessing then ‘The Afflicted’ should definitely be top of your wish list.

As the foundations of the plot build, John’s character becomes clear from the past that haunts him, and his passion for his scientific work creates both interest and curiosity for the reader. I found it refreshing that the plot grew alongside blossoming relationships and that scheming Richard grew more jealous and greedy as destruction spread.

The vivid scenes of brutality provide the perfect dose of entertainment every horror reader craves and with suspense lingering like a bursting black cloud at no point did the storyline become stale. As the author introduced more characters, I found myself enticed to read on to find out what happened to each one, with the vital question of ‘who done it?’ lingering like a carrot dangling just inches from reach.

With scientific experimental processes to keep you thinking, gruesome deaths and likeable characters, ‘The Afflicted’ is a thrilling rollercoaster of a read, with something for everyone (well, almost everyone!) I loved it!

– Erika Sanger






Marga Jann is a French-American architect whose work has appeared in many art and architecture publications. She has written a semi-autobiographical novel titled The Architect: Four Countries, Four Faces. 

Her writing provides a rare insight into the mind of an erudite scholar, it revealed her polymath attributes amidst terrifying ordeals as she travels to different parts of the world through a quartet of academic assignments, but more was at stake than her professorial mission. 

Written in free-flowing prose, the author deftly draws the reader into her difficult journeys. She reveals her entanglement in a dangerous and diplomatically sensitive battle between MI6/CIA operatives and Saudi Intelligence—a narrative she daringly recounts in this first part of a riveting trilogy.

After graduating from Swarthmore College with Honors, Marga Jann got her M. Arch from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning.  At Columbia, she won a Kinne Fellowship for travel abroad and a Lowenfish Prize for the best terminal design project. Marga was a research scholar at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA)-UP6, Paris; holds an MSt in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (Architecture and Engineering) from the University of Cambridge and has been the recipient of several Fulbright grants.

She is Professor and Chair of Architectural Engineering at The American University of Kurdistan. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. She works as a licensed, registered architect (Hawaii, New York, and the EU), with her own firm, Poetic License. Marga is an author, artist, parent, and professor.

Her new book, a semi-autobiographical novel, The Architect: Four Countries, Four Faces, is available worldwide.


5 Star Amazon Review: Marga writes readably about a cross-cultural, professional experience in a variety of contexts. Architecture seems to allow for much more imaginative creativity than engineering. I should never have become an engineer.





‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.’ Oscar Wilde.exist, that is all.’ Oscar Wilde.

The quote from Oscar Wilde is what prompted versatile author, Seyi David to write ‘A Liar In Heaven and Other Stories.’ It is a collection of short stories which will hit the shelves in 2020. David used juxtaposition throughout the plots in the stories. Treading between the bizarre to the surreal, readers are in for a fast ride. A Liar in Heaven and Other Stories will tug at heartstrings and question the purpose of life.




Fast-paced and action-packed, Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen is a compelling, well-rounded supernatural thriller following an epic struggle between good and evil; between mortals and demons.

David’s writing will enthral from the first page where the drama begins without preamble. From the Vatican to Washington and London to Ethiopia, Cydonia is full of gripping twists and turns. It unites individual tales of friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption through an overarching battle against supernatural forces, intent on anarchy and destruction.

The author skilfully brings together a colourful cast of characters to create an intricate web of intriguing stories, gradually unravelled throughout the novel. The varied themes and styles of these interconnected stories drive the book forwards, continually providing new and exciting aspects to engage the reader while adding depth to the main plotline.

Highly dramatic and sensationalised, Cydonia takes the reader to a world far removed from reality and immerses them in the supernatural. By combining the grounding familiarity of humans with unearthly demons, David deftly guides the reader through the conflicts and struggles. Aaron and his comrades faced in their mission to avert disaster, and ultimately to save the earth.

The novel is available worldwide.

5 Star Amazon Review: This compelling, fascinating, out of the ordinary book would be a blockbuster on the silver screen! I can imagine Aaron Cohen’s serious but handsome face donning my television screen. I only hope that it would be soon! ‘Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen’ is a gripping, well-rounded supernatural thriller following an epic struggle between good and evil; between humans and demons.

David’s writing is fluid, without pretence, and I was captivated from the very first page. The drama begins with full force as the author transports me into a whirlwind adventure; crisscrossing between countries. From the Vatican to Washington and London to Ethiopia to Rome and Somalia, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering where the story would end. Cydonia is full of gripping twists and turns. Intriguing tales of friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption are united through an overarching battle against supernatural forces, intent on anarchy and destruction.

I could classify this book as many things: Occult, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Adventures, Christian fiction, and Supernatural. I do tend towards the supernatural and occult (a friend said it’s the same and I agree!) What also captured my attention was the attention to details; I could picture the events as they unfold, and at the end, Seyi David did not disappoint. She cleverly brings a colourful cast of characters to their knees, deeply enmeshed in drama and intrigue! Also, as the story opens out, I was left wondering at the probability of such a tale coming true, and the clever twist not disappointed me at the end of the story. I’ll definitely read the next book by this author, in the main time, I’ll patiently watch out for the film…




Imagine a world where the supernatural reigned supreme and humans are helplessly rooted in darkness. A world where darkness reigns with gay impunity while evil spread its tentacles unabashed. A world where darkness threatens all as powers beyond the comprehension of man threatens to eliminate all we know and holds dear.

In such a world, the only game left for all is survival, except, maybe, there are some chosen people somewhere, hiding beyond the darkness that can fight and liberate all.

Jezreel, a mighty angel, saddled with the responsibility of preventing the impending doom chose three people to help salvage the destiny of humanity.

Michael, a gullible British scientist. Sharon, a quirky floundering young woman whose entire life is shrouded in mystery and a sword-wielding believer, David, whose faith must endure the test of adversity. Would they succeed? Can love overcome darkness and eliminate the spirit of the power of the air? Can love work its magic on a vengeful soul intent on revenge? Can love conquer all? Michael, a gullible British scientist. Sharon, a quirky floundering young woman whose entire life is shrouded in mystery and a sword-wielding believer, David, whose faith must endure the test of adversity. Would they succeed? Can love overcome darkness and eliminate the spirit of the power of the air? Can love work its magic on a vengeful soul intent on revenge? Can love conquer all?

‘The Feet of Darkness’ is available worldwide.

5 Star Amazon Review: I saw the preview of this book and ordered it the same day as I could not wait to see the full story. Great book, Loads of suspense and an incredible storyline. ‘The Feet of Darkness’ combine the whole idea of the supernatural and the normal everyday life. The writer did a great job of making it current and that way, I could relate it to current happenings. It also cuts across the globe in setting, so you can relate to it wherever you are. Very imaginative writing and I would say it is a must-read for anyone who likes a spark in their reading!

– Stella Alhassan