C.D. Fox introduces His Debut Novel



IN THIS SHORT VIDEO, C. D. Fox introduces his debut novel, Dreams, detailing the process of writing this intriguing thriller and the summary of the book.

Reviewing Dreams, Amna Pottarath wrote enthusiastically, “Dreams by C. D. Fox is an intriguing novel packed with an emotional punch. The book is an exciting journey that blurs the line between reality and imagination. What if our dreams appear more real than our reality? Does this sound surreal to you? Find your answers by exploring the pages of Fox’s Dreams. The strange sensation from page one hooks you to figure out the mystery behind the characters and their dreams. The sequence through which the author connects them is well-thought and brilliantly narrated from the beginning. We are often taught to forget our past, live in the present and not worry about our future. We are compelled to ‘move on’ or ‘get over’ the negative happenings of our life. In addition, it is a fixed norm to ‘return’ to our ‘normal self’ after the period of illness as an indication of recovery. However, a metaphorical reading of ‘Dreams’ offers a varied perspective exploring the concept of illness, wellness and mental health. The book offers several new possibilities for research and analysis in the field of mental illness and its representation in literature. Fox teaches us to analyse the variety of dreams we have daily and lets us interpret the connection between consciousness and our memories.”

We hope you’ll enjoy watching the video. Dreams is out next week on Tuesday, 6th of December 2022. You can buy directly from our bookstore or online wherever books are sold.





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