Tall in the Face of Adversity by S J Briggs

Steve James Briggs

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Sir Winston churchill

Steve James Briggs did not give up. He epitomised Sir Churchill’s words, and Tall in the Face of Adversity tells his story. He grew up from humble beginnings within a military family and endured years of child abuse from his former teacher and Peter Righton, a convicted Paedophile who was also the founder of PIE, Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s.

Briggs fought the shame of his abuse for almost forty years. He joined the army, built a business and became homeless, but then there was a miracle, and his abuser finally faced justice in court, and this is his story.

This incredible memoir is available from the 30th of November, 2020.

Life is short. Don’t stop living out your dreams.

Author: arrowgatepublishing

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