The Story Behind ‘Headley’ by T. Hudson Roberts

The Curious Tale of Filmon Trout

I had never thought of becoming a writer or author until I was nearly 50 years old. I had played Baseball and Football in high school and college, a theatre actor, and a professional pianist. Although I don’t play the piano professionally anymore, I do volunteer to play the piano at Senior Centres and Hospitals, where the elderly and the sick can enjoy live music. Sometimes my sister and I would play the guitar and sing, adding a bit of variety to the volunteering work.

Writing was never on my radar of career opportunities. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but creating a story and solidifying it with the written word is quite a different enterprise. I wrote short stories online—it was my way of entertaining myself and connecting with different people. It was on a writing site, Bubblews, where I had created Fred and Headley. Many of my followers became so fond of my two unconventional little boys, they suggested I write a book—I enthusiastically agreed—hence My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother Headley.

But even before I had written Fred and Headley, I saw it as an animated film. So my thinking was to write the book and use it as a platform to create the screenplay. Ironically, I had just finished the screenplay six hours before writing this article and one day before the release of the novel which was October 27, 2020 (for you technical and researching enthusiasts). As of today, I’ll be currently pushing the screenplay to those in the film industry. Also, the second and third instalments of Fred and Headley are already in the works. My current goal is to create stories of Love and Laughter, whether they’re in novels or screenplays.

Ever since I can remember, I loved to make people laugh, so there can be that moment where there’s an atmosphere of Joy, void of worry and stress. A moment that everyone in the room can share.

T. Hudson Roberts.

Author: arrowgatepublishing

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