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Against Editors

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According to several authors interviewed in a recent online survey, they all opined that writing a book is, incredibly, the easiest part. The editing part is not. The characters could dictate what they want, it happens, not often, but it does. Some authors were so convinced something, other than them, actually changed or wrote the story. 

That is Incredible! Do you believe that? We do. Sometimes, authors may have laid out plans, but it may not work out, why? Might be because the characters wrestled the plot from their creators, or the authors are sensitive in their approach. At least that was the experience, Ms David believed she had when she wrote ‘Cydonia.’

In her words:

”I could not control Aaron Cohen (the protagonist) and the Ancient Order of Lalibela, those people (I do not see them as characters anymore!) literally changed the story. Moreover, the more I struggled to close it the way readers would have loved, the more the characters rebelled.”

Energic writers are not born; their characters make them. Is David a determined writer? The only way to find out is if you read the story. Some of her characters were so believable; they deserved a kick to the mouth. Others? You would want to strangle them, and some of those characters, oh, you will fall in love with them. The only way you can find out is if you read ‘Cydonia: Rise of the fallen.’

Reading that incredible book is liken to the adventure of a lifetime, do not miss it! What better way to head into the new year than read a book that would challenge your thought processes!

Authors are welcome to share their writing techniques. Readers could also pop in; we want to read everyone’s opinions. Drop us a line at our contact page and we would be happy to read your story.

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