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Today’s feature is about a woman with big dreams, a bigger heart, and the Aha! moment that inspired her latest novel.

Meet Seyi David

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Seyi David loves to write, and has done that for several years. She has worked as a reporter, teacher, and accountant. She had a brief stint as an actor while at university, before she finally decided to write novels full-time.

She is a committed blogger and a columnist for Black Heritage Today, a London-based Magazine, and Rev Up Media. Her first novel, The Impossible President, sold out of its first print run in 2004. She wrote a short story, “Tales of Five Lies”, which gripped readers worldwide.The Feet of Darkness, her second novel, is still on sale worldwide. Her latest work of fiction,Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen, is out now.

Seyi lives in London with her husband Kay, and three children, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Emmanuel.

A Conversation with Seyi

NT: Seyi, it’s such a pleasure to have you in this space. From reading your blog, I sense that you love to motivate and encourage people, which leads me to ask: What are you most passionate about?
SD: Thanks, Nadine. Well, I’m passionate about a lot of things.  First on my list is writing, which allows me to enter another world and create things. Another passion of mine involves a project I’m working on to help orphans and the homeless in the near future.

NT: I love it when I learn of folks who have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening around them, especially when those persons are writers. What would you be, though, if you weren’t doing what you love?
SD: I would be an actress.

NT: It’s not writing, but it’s still an artistic expression. You still get to be creative. So, what inspired your latest book, Cydonia?
SD: That’s quite a story!

NT: Tell me more! I love a good story.

SD: Well, one hot, summer day, while heavily pregnant with my second child, I watched a programme on Discovery Channel about the Cydonia region of Mars. When the programme ended, I pulled out my laptop and did a thorough research on the planet. What I read took my breath away, as a story began to form in my mind. The fact that there could have been a form of civilisation on Mars astounded me.

Two years earlier, I had written a supernatural thriller, The Feet Of Darkness, and I knew I would write another novel, but I wasn’t ready. Besides, I was as heavy as a whale and could hardly sit behind my desk.

However, the words were relentless. They took on a life of their own, and I had no choice but to buy a notebook and begin to write. I wrote furiously for the last three months of my pregnancy. Then the baby came and, like an unfinished project, Cydonia took a prominent presence in my library. When my daughter was two months old, I continued again, but because I had taken a hiatus of some sort, I grappled with the characters. However, I didn’t need to despair, as the characters seemed to rally together, and I completed a 129,000-word novel within a year.

NT: That’s absolutely amazing! I had to look up that region, too, by the way. Now, you mentioned earlier that you would be an actress, if you weren’t a writer. If your book were to be made into a movie, which actors would you choose to play the roles of your two main characters, and why?
SD: I think Ashton Kutcher would be a good choice to play Aaron Cohen in Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen, mainly because he would fit the character easily. I’ve watched most of his films, and he would be perfect for the lead role. The leading lady could be Megan Fox, as she has the looks and the sultriness. She knows how to play complex characters who ooze a subtle appeal.

NT: Interesting choices. So, a documentary inspired your latest novel. From where else do you draw your inspiration?
SD: I know it might sound clichéd, but I draw my inspiration from the source of life itself – God. Anything and everything inspires me. It could be a sound, such as a toddler’s laughter. Life is full of stories and mysteries. Wherever I go, the scenes for everyday life are inspiring enough.

NT: With most writers going the self-publishing route, which would you choose – traditional publishing, self publishing, or a hybrid?
SD: I would prefer a hybrid. The world of publishing is constantly evolving, such that one would be foolish to trust one’s future entirely to publishing companies.

NT: That’s right. Now, I’ve never heard of a writer who doesn’t like to read. What was your last good read?
SD: Harvest by Jim Crace.

NT: An award-winning writer and book. I’m curious, if you could invite three famous persons to your home for dinner, whom would you choose?
SD: Bishop T. D. Jakes; I love his preaching. Angelina Jolie; I like her UN work, and Steven Spielberg. I really want to know the secret behind his numerous films. He’s a great director.

NT: That would be one cool dinner party. Now, we’ve learned that you have some pretty big plans ahead. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
SD: I see myself as a publisher and an author with at least five more books to my name. I’m also keen on releasing works from other writers. There are loads of great stories out there, and not every writer can successfully self-publish. I would love to not only write stories, but also help others bring their stories to life.

NT: Beautiful. I love that last part. Seyi, thank you for sharing about yourself and your work. Do you have anything to add before we wrap up?
SD: I just want to encourage everyone to never give up. Whatever creative work you’re doing, don’t stop it. Keep going on. Keep your dream alive until you realise your true potential. Thanks for having me here, Nadine.

NT: It was my pleasure, Seyi.

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