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We love BookBaby and their constant streams of insightful articles, below is one of such articles which we believe would benefit countless writers out there. You’re all welcome to tuck in.

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We’ve looked at the seven habits of highly effective writers, the preferred writing tools of popular authors, the strange day jobs of famous authors, the differences in brain activity when you write by hand versus typing, and plenty of other things that provide a glimpse into what makes writers tick.

Now there’s a new infographic called “Opposite Habits of Famous Writers” that shows us which celebrated writers loved coffee and which loved tea. Were they dog or cat people? Did they write in the early morning or late at night?

Check out the image below for answers:

Opposite habits of famous writers

Should you emulate the writing habits of your heroes? Probably not. It’s always good to remember that what works for one person might not work for another. Ain’t no one proven way in writing!

These little bits of trivia are interesting, but when it comes to sitting down and getting the work done, you need to do what works for you.

So, what DOES work for you? What are your writing habits? Where do you fall on this scale of opposites?

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