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Sam Martin, Author, Pictures of Anna

Congratulations to our brilliant author and screenwriter, Sam Martin, for the shortlist of his bestselling wartime historical fiction on the 2022 Hemingway Book Awards novel competition for 20th Century Wartime Fiction. Pictures of Anna is also under film development, and the adaptation will hit our screens soon.

Sam’s wife, Jutta, a brilliant translator, died from Motor Neurone Disease complications. He has dedicated the proceeds of his books and various screenwriting projects to the ALS Research Center in Bonn, Germany.

There are always reasons and inspirations behind every published work. Writers may sometimes pen books from a place of pain; other times, it’s therapeutic, and the love of the art brings their words to life. They also write to inform, inspire, or support causes close to their hearts. Other times, it’s just the creative juice flowing through their brains and finally finding its way to their fingers as they write.

Whatever the reason behind creative work, it’s encouraging when such creativity is valued. Sam Martin is incredibly proud of his books and screenplays.

Readers can order Pictures of Anna on our website and wherever books are sold.

Author: arrowgatepublishing

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