Premonitions Of A Faithful Wife




David Bailey, a proficient author with several works of fiction, piqued our emotions with his latest book, I Felt Him Die. The story centred on a faithful wife who suspected someone had murdered her husband. The presumed death of her husband hinged on mere feelings. How would the police uncover the truth?

Bailey’s writing is authentic and oozes with confidence. A pragmatic writer, David deftly sucks the reader into the drama and high-octane chain of events. I Felt Him Die’s plot dealt with the everyday issues in our society. It’s a story about love, intuition, investigation and the murky world of crime and drugs. The story showed the extent to which a detective will go to unravel crimes deeply entrenched in our society.

The novel is out now, and it’s a book worth reading.







Author: arrowgatepublishing

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