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Happy New Year to all our readers, we hope this year would bring good tidings to you all. What better way to start this great year by ordering intriguing books from authors who love nothing more than to entertain and bring awesome stories to life!

Seyi David’s Cydonia is available worldwide, it has been enjoying rave reviews from readers around the world, a reviewer has this to say about Cydonia:  ”I read the preview of this book and knew I wanted to read the whole story. The book opened with a bang, there were no preambles and the author just thrust the reader into explosive, successive events. The characters were well-developed and the book was excellently written. As the powerful story unravels, I was left grasping for breath and I didn’t want the story to end in a conventional way and it didn’t, rather, I stumbled on arrays of characters whose stories held me spellbound till the end. The female characters were strong in the face of devastating loss; they fought to protect their families and loved ones, I particularly admire Evelyn’s stoic and unshakable character…”


While you’re there, do pause and linger, then pick a copy of The Afflicted  written by Andy Strutt, a former scientist whose début novel has been hailed by reviewers as: ”A gripping read, Andy Strutt combines technical knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry, with warmth and flashes of humour, as an outbreak of a frightening illness takes prosperous and laid-back Sussex to its knees. The author’s style matches that of the book’s hero: sharp and intelligent, yet generous enough to keep you in the picture – motivated by love and enthusiasm for the subject matter: biology, epidemiology – and as any self-respecting novelist subtexts in sociology and psychology…”


Do yourself a huge favour and enjoy this great reads from a publishing company wholly dedicated to writers!

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