My Journey As A Publishing Intern


As a new publishing company, we draw support from everywhere, from publishing interns to working long hours became normal. We love books, the people who write them and our readers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. In this ever-changing world of book publishing, we are determined to succeed by churning out excellent books. Today’s post was written by one of our editors, she started out as an intern but is already part of the Arrow Gate family.

In her own words, here is Erika Sanger:

”I love my children dearly but having two babies in less than two years is no picnic! The day I realised I was humming the theme tune to Postman Pat and the furthest I had travelled that week was to the washing line was the day I decided I needed a challenge. I rediscovered my passion for writing and began writing articles for a variety of websites.

As I trawled through the dismal jobs pages during the recession, I realised I needed to refresh my abilities and decided to pursue an internship with Arrow Gate Publishing. When the Editorial Director sent the first manuscript to edit, I doubted my abilities and began to reconsider my decision but with immense support and encouragement from my inspiring mentor, I continued with the task at hand. On completion, I felt a great sense of achievement and was hungry to start the next editing project. Preparing for my weekly phone supervision kept me focused and being involved in the progression of a manuscript from draft form to published novel fills me with pride.

I have now finished my internship with Arrow Gate and feel I have spent the past three months not only learning new skills but also reinventing myself. It has confirmed the career path I want to pursue and as my future reveals itself through a fog of nappies and sleepless nights, I feel confident of my budding success as an editor.

I would like to thank everyone at Arrow Gate Publishing for giving me this opportunity and I need to particularly thank Sandra David for her encouragement, support and inspiration throughout my short journey as an intern.”


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