Premonitions, Imaginations, And The Written Word.






Writers are mysterious beings.

I do like to think so. There have been times when the fictitious word had translated into the physical realm and events had played itself out without help of any sort from the writer.

Take Nostradamus for example, many people believed him to be a prophet of some sort, who had premonitions of events yet unseen. But I, however, believed him to be a writer. Simple!

The written word had endured for as long as man was upon the face of the earth. Without the written word, life wouldn’t be as we know it. I sincerely believed that writers should be celebrated and acknowledged. Writers do not  have to win the Pulitzer prize before they are recognized, or celebrated.

How can you know the worth of a man? Just check his library.

I believe we live in a world inexhaustible, a world filled with wonders. Such wonders can only, be truly, conveyed or communicated through the written world. Through the great minds of writers.

It’s a great pleasure to work with writers, and if you have never really read a book before, why not pick one today. It could be from any genre, either fiction or non-fiction. I am sure It would actually make a difference in your life.

Just read…

My name is Christy Nelson. And I am privileged to be working with writers.




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