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Everyone has a story, that story might be a dream, conscious dreams and it could be unconscious dreams. I cannot classify everyone as a writer but everybody has a story to tell.

Look around you, you will find bestsellers happening around you every day.

Now, are you ready or bold enough to write your story?

Arrow Gate Publishing is dedicated to writers, people who see story all around them. We are eager to hear from you and you must believe  in yourself first!

Do you have a story to tell? Are your hands itching to pour down your soul like a river, which has over flown its banks?

I would love to hear from you. We are new and wholly dedicated to our authors, we have few writers we are working with, and their works would soon be released. However, the more writers we have, the merrier.

By the way, my name is John and I love reading books! Here at Arrow Gate Publishing, we enjoy turning previously unknown authors into success stories! Leave a comment and we would contact you.

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