John Simmons, a world-leading genetic engineer, is a genius. Beset by personal tragedies, he created the ultimate drug, a miracle cure for many. Hidden behind his shadow were ruthless men, waiting, calculating, and desperate.

Richard Jennings, Managing Director of Swiftgene, wanted a life devoid of work and was determined to get it. Tucked away in the Swiftgene research facility, John worked tirelessly, expectations high on his success – or maybe not.

Gwen Taylor is bright, beautiful, and ambitious. Unknowingly, she was a catalyst, used in the game of death by an elusive but powerful cabal cowering under cover of darkness. Can a miracle turn into blight as humans devour each other, tearing and killing? Can anyone stop the faceless murderers driven by greed, intent on wiping out generations of humans?


A Thirst-worthy Sci-Fi Horror with a Good Dollop of Suspense

If, like me, your guilty pleasure is curling up with a juicy novel containing enough gore to tease your dark side and a clever plot to keep you guessing, then ‘The Afflicted’ should be on top of your wish list.

As the foundations of the plot build, John’s character becomes clear from the past that haunts him, and his passion for his scientific work creates both interest and curiosity for the reader. I found it refreshing that the plot grew alongside blossoming relationships and that scheming Richard grew more jealous and greedy as destruction spread.

The vivid scenes of brutality provide the perfect dose of entertainment every horror reader craves. With suspense lingering like a bursting black cloud, the storyline became stale at no point. As the author introduced more characters, I found myself enticed to read on to find out what happened to each one, with the vital question of ‘who done it?’ lingering like a carrot dangling just inches from reach.

With scientific experimental processes to keep you thinking, gruesome deaths and likeable characters, ‘The Afflicted’ is a thrilling rollercoaster of a read, with something for everyone (well, almost everyone!) I loved it!

Erika Sanger


The Style and Feel of the Classic British Horror Stories of the 1980s

I have always been a great fan of horror and supernatural novels since I started reading them as a boy in the early fifties. Over the years, I have amassed an extensive collection, mainly paperback copies, and I am now replacing those available as e-books with Kindle Editions. This re-organisation has also given me the chance to revisit books that I have not read for a while and catch up on titles that I may have missed. I had ordered the Kindle edition and have only recently got around to reading it.

This novel has the style and feel of the classic British horror stories of the 1980s. A genetic experiment is sabotaged, and a deadly viral strain is released, turning animals and humans into savage blood craving mutants. The storyline is good, although some of the later chapters seem to be a little hurried, and the end is telegraphed and, therefore, no great surprise—an easy read. I got through it in a single evening.

I shall look out for more books from this new author. The Afflicted is a promising debut novel.

Black Brigand



A superb debut from Andy Strutt! An exciting, fast-paced novel, convincing in its technical details of genetics and the potential repercussions. Strutt is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and integrates the complicated science into the plot extremely well, and without alienating the uninitiated.

Amazon Custormer


A Fabulous book by a New Author

If you like traditional style horror/science fiction, then this is a brilliant book for you, with factually accurate scientific information. It makes you think could something like this really happen!



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