My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother Headley




Filmon Trout sits in his home, shut off from the outside world. One Halloween night, he finds love in a nearby cemetery. But what Filmon doesn’t know is that his newly found love interest isn’t human.

Months later, they become parents of two unconventional but lovable boys, soon emerging as an adventure-loving family seeking to survive amid a serial killer, a corrupt CIA agent, and an evil Hollywood executive.

But the Trout family isn’t a typical little family…



T. Hudson Roberts is an upcoming American author who zooms in on a new perspective on fantasy genre using humour. Filmon Trout is the main protagonist who wants to keep his family safe. Unconventional or not, this family goes through real-life issues everyone can relate to; If you want a light-hearted fantasy read that will leave you laughing, read this book.

Abi Congreve.


Funny and smart

This was hilarious! Great book if you have a sense of humour. Had me laughing at things I never would have thought I would laugh at.



Fun Read For All Ages

Got this for my nephew (14) who is an avid reader. You name it, he’s read it. So I ordered this NEW book by a NEW author just for him. I ended up getting another copy for myself and one for another family member because I started reading the first copy of it and got sucked in. It’s a very entertaining story and made me actually laugh aloud. Fast and fun read to help pass the Covid-19 days more enjoyably!

L. Leung


Originality in Motion

A highly sophisticated, totally original, fast-paced, brutally humorous journey.

Fannie Lee Lowe


Fun Read

I laughed throughout this fun, funny little book about the Trout family. An unconventional family for sure, but boy, do they love and accept each other will all their flaws.



Family Zom-Com Classic

As the leaves of autumn fall and the winter chill sets in, treat yourself to a steaming cup of pumpkin spice tea and cosy up as this reanimated adult family zom-com takes you on a cross-country adventure to die for. Debut author T. Hudson Roberts, the first published American novelist of Tongan heritage tells a meticulously crafted and thoroughly engaging story featuring the peculiar yet charming Filmon Trout, a badass National Park Federale with a particular set of skills handling wildlife waste, but for all his training and expertise nothing would prepare him for one fateful Halloween night, where after successfully executing evasive manoeuvres to avoid trick-or-treating costumed hooligans he’d find undying love at a cemetery and have the unique Siamese twin boys in the world, Fred and Headley, after which the real adventure begins.

Fast-paced and brimming with colloquial gold, the story boasts plenty of soul and a roller coaster of emotions that outline some refreshingly candid social commentary on a bevvy of timely themes ranging from love, family, and special needs to bullying, zombies, and the entertainment industry. Somewhere in the vein of the Addams Family meets Nightmare Before Christmas meets National Lampoon’s Vacation, it ultimately carves its own distinct subgenre through the reader’s heart and mind, evoking and perhaps challenging the reader’s beliefs, empathy, and judgment in an open and positive way. Cruising’ at a cool 268 pages, “My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother Headley” has the makings of a Halloween/Fall/Zom-Com classic.


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