PC Patrick is a typical cop whose duties mostly revolve around pandering to the city’s takers, who cost the government a small fortune in state benefits. When they start to die, Pat is framed for their downfall. Suspecting a new colleague, the police arrested and placed Pat in custody without proof. He escapes, devising a plan to clear his name. A DEADLY ENEMY What follows is a battle of wits, as mysterious men pursue Pat and his family. And as Pat draws ever closer to revealing the truth about what’s going on, an altogether different, far more shocking truth emerges that threatens the very fabric of society.


Mark Sexton’s debut novel complies significantly with one of Mark Twain’s best pieces of advice; ‘write what you know.

As a former police officer, his insightful remarks on the force’s daily performance make this procedural raw and allow readers to see how rough on the edges certain aspects are.

Plot-wise, the promise of this novel is riveting, and it will keep you guessing on the last pages — Page-Turner, gritty, realistic, and lots of action.

Cam KG, PhD Candidate in English Literature, Editor/Professor of 19th Century Literature.

An Intriguing storyline with a great twist: The storyline was just fantastic, and the author has put so much thought into the detail, which shines through. PC Patrick is a very believable character, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I genuinely hope there will be a sequel as there will be a demand there. Well done to the author for creating an exciting crime thriller that could become close to the truth in this day and age. I will recommend it to everyone I know.


Fantastic debut novel: As a debut novel, this book by Mark Sexton is an absolute cracker.
I don’t read as much as I used to, but I picked this book up after a recommendation by a friend and had it read in a couple of days.
The plot is engaging and unique. The author excellently conveys the realism of the characters and how it feels to be a Police Officer. I could feel the genuine tension between the lead character and the developing plot. The book leads you well into the storyline and the suspense that goes right through to the last page. I can honestly say I loved the book, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
I look forward to the subsequent publication by the author!

S M Moffitt

An outstanding crime thriller: I’m not a prodigious reader of books. But this was recommended to me, and I’m thrilled it was!
Elimination is well written and keeps the reader engaged. After setting the scene gets into the main plot and becomes gripping! I read it in only a few days, which is unheard of for me—an excellent and thought-provoking story, with heroes and villains aplenty.
I can’t help but think this would make a brilliant tv series or film. I hope there’s a follow-up book, and I’ll be one of the first to buy it.
Highly recommend!

Owen Strickland

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