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Hugo Swann, the son of an eminent psychiatrist, is a shy social misfit in his first term at Oxford University. With a new girlfriend and new experiences, things are looking up until a series of strange dreams start plaguing him. When his father offers psychiatric treatment to a mysterious woman with a troubled past, Hugo’s dreams begin to worsen. Before long, their paths will cross, but as Hugo tries to help the woman, he finds himself in need of psychiatric assessment. As catastrophe looms, it’s down to Alice, Hugo’s brilliant girlfriend, to find the answers. But will he want to learn the truth of what she discovers?

Dreams: when the reality is worse than a nightmare.


Editorial Review

Dreams is a portrait of humanity’s greatest downfall: the hubris of intellect over emotion. It questions the ability of its characters to escape this hamartia, from friendship to family, sex to love, and blood to water. Whilst logic pulls one way, Fox’s characters greedily pursue courses of action that can only lead to devastation. Whether pursuing an impossible love or sating despicable cravings, Dreams leaves no stone unturned in its quest for the truth.

Lily Laycock

Author: arrowgatepublishing

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