Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen




A mere thirty days is what ex-priest, Aaron Cohen, has to stop a devastating attack on earth from elusive and ruthless forces, but events soon took an alarming turn for the worse.

The Vatican came under attack when a demonic bloodhound under the command of Tyrus, Lucifer’s son, went on a rampage. They left destruction on their trail. As events unfold with alarming speed, Aaron Cohen’s life spiralled out of control, chased by forces beyond human comprehension; he embarked on an adventure to protect the Ark of the Covenant and the stones of fire from brutal forces intent on annihilating humans.

Set against an extraordinary and enigmatic church of St Mary, Axum in Ethiopia, Aaron fought with demons, escaped assassins’ bullets, and every attempt to halt impending doom seemed slimmer than ever.


A Powerful Book, Impossible to Down!

I read the preview of this book and knew I wanted to read the whole story. The book opened with a bang; there were no preambles, and the author just thrust the reader into explosive, successive events. The characters were well developed, and the book was excellently written. As the powerful story unravels, I was left gasping for breath, and I didn’t want the story to end conventionally, and it didn’t; instead, I stumbled on arrays of characters whose stories held me spellbound till the end. The female characters were strong in the face of devastating loss; they fought to protect their families and loved ones; I particularly admire Evelyn’s stoic and unshakable character.

Aaron Cohen fought a massive army determined to kill at all costs; when I got to the last page, I finally realised that this was the best book in a long time, and I’d read a lot. The story is going to stay with me for a long, long time. I would certainly recommend it to readers who love supernatural thrillers, Christian fiction and decks where you can’t predict the end. I think this book would make an award-winning movie.
I am glad I bought it! So should you, if you’re reading this!



A Fantastic Read

When a path is chosen for Aaron, he cannot deny humanity the sacred powers he has been awarded. Although his heart remains with Kate, he honours his gift from God and embarks on a spiritual journey to protect the Ark of the Covenant from the evil clutches of Satan’s disciples and restore humanity. This story provokes and challenges the reader’s beliefs on a spiritual level and leads to exploration and ultimately a better understanding of personal boundaries and limitations when faced with the fruits of the devil himself.

Although a rollercoaster of emotions that will take you to majestic heights before you plummet back to reality with a bump, this book maintains a consistent faith which is paramount in believing that good will conquer evil in the end.

Cydonia is an exciting story about love, hate, desire, greed, grief and supreme power.
Therapy for the mind, food for the soul!

Erika Sanger.


It Should Be A Blockbuster Movie

It’s a well-rounded supernatural thriller following an epic struggle between good and evil, between humans and demons.
David’s writing is fluid, without pretence, and it captivated me from the first page. The drama begins with full force as the author transports me into a whirlwind adventure, crisscrossing between countries.

From the Vatican to Washington and London to Ethiopia to Rome and Somalia, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering where the story would end. Cydonia is full of gripping twists and turns. Intriguing tales of friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption are united through an overarching battle against supernatural forces intent on anarchy and destruction.

I could classify this book to as many things as possible: Occult, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Adventures, Christian fiction, and Supernatural. I tend towards the supernatural and occult (a friend said it’s the same, and I agree!) What also captured my attention was the attention to detail, I could picture the events as they unfolded, and in the end, Seyi David did not disappoint. She cleverly brings a colourful cast of characters to their knees, deeply enmeshed in drama and intrigue! In addition, as the story opened out, I was left wondering at the probability of such a tale coming true, and the clever twist did not disappoint me at the end of the story. I’ll read the next book by this author, and in the main time, I’ll patiently watch out for the film.

Book Lover

Fantastic Book 

It was captivating from start to finish. Once I began, I was so eager to see the story unfold. The connection between the supernatural and natural is unique, and how the story unfolds is mind-blowing. I am particularly intrigued by the twist, and turns in the story; it reads in such a way that each character comes to life. It’s a must-read.


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