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Two years ago, we published a gripping memoir, The Grace of a Nightingale, written by the softly spoken Mary Anne Willow whose story took the world by storm. Readers were quick to recommend this eloquently written memoir as one of the best memoirs in 2019.

Readers are still praising The Grace of a Nightingale two years later as the book for today. Katie Collins wrote on Waterstones website, awarding the memoir five-star review:

“This interesting autobiography was an emotional and thought-provoking read. Following the extraordinary life of its author, it projects an overall sense of lightness and hope, despite her traumatic start in life and several challenges faced along the way. Overall, a real page-turner and a very enjoyable read.”

Linda, a reader who knew the author, Mary Anne Willow, gave a glowing review:

“I have had the enriching and joyful privilege of knowing Mary Anne Willow for many years. In her book, she can share her story in a manner that reveals she has experienced the truth of the quote from Gerard W. Hughes that she uses in her book, “Our treasure lies hidden in the inner life which results from that experience.” I am a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. I will recommend her book to people I companion in ministry.”

There are several reviews attesting to the fact that The Grace of a Nightingale touched many lives, and we can only encourage the author to write more books that would continue to inspire millions of people around the world.


Christy Nelson.


Author: arrowgatepublishing

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