Elimination’s Publication Day!

The anticipated crime thriller, Elimination, written by the former police officer, Mark Sexton is out today! Packed with action, mystery, and suspense, crime readers are in for a great treat. The novel, partly based on Mark’s experiences while a police officer will ease readers gently to the story’s themes, we see protagonist PC Patrick going about his duties, which largely revolve around pandering to the city’s takers, who cost the government a small fortune in state benefits.

When they start to die, Pat—a vocal opponent of scroungers and their self-entitled mindset—is the name in the frame for their downfall. Strongly suspecting that a new colleague, PC Kyle Aston, is behind the deaths, Pat comes under fire from his own force, is arrested and placed in custody. But before the police have the chance to further deprive him of his liberty, he flees, devising a plan to clear his name and gain evidence to send the guilty party down.

What follows is a battle of wits, as mysterious men in dark vans pursue him and his family. And as Pat draws ever closer to revealing the truth about what’s really going on, an altogether different, far more shocking truth emerges that threatens the very fabric of society.  

We also want to share the review by Camilla KG, a PhD candidate in English Literature, Editor, Professor of 19th Century Literature.

Mark Sexton’s debut novel complies significantly with one of Mark Twain best piece of advice ‘write what you know’. As a former police officer, his insightful remarks on the force’s daily performance make this procedural raw and allows readers to see how rough on the edges certain aspects are. Plot-wise the promise of this novel is riveting, and it will keep you guessing to the last pages — Page-Turner, gritty, realistic, and lots of action.”


The story provides a fresh twist on police-oriented thrillers, bringing into play a clandestine eradication force that hasn’t been seen before, and which would make a great addition to the titles in this genre that have already been released.

Elimination also sheds light on the increasingly difficult social climate in which they force the modern police force to operate when their numbers have reduced. The novel acutely reveals why more traditional policing has taken a backseat now that officers’ main job is to mend a broken society. Modern policing is no longer about crime—instead, it revolves around mental health, missing persons, alcoholism, drug-taking and domestic abuse.

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