Sitting On The Fence!

This is profound, powerful, moving and insightful! The powers that be calls the shots but the helpless and innocent victims are the civilians – they always bear the brunt of war! The international community are confused and perplexed, and like any strong corporation, they tend to squabble, fight and deliberate on the best way forward. But like normal pitiful and sick human beings, they also tend to make mistakes. We can only hope that lifting the arms embargo on Syria is a wise decision, if it’s not – we’ll definitely be beset by another wave of terror, and the circle of violence would start again – that’s what I call – life! Thanks for sharing your concern Ms. Seyi Sandra David.

Seyi Sandra David

Power Lines

(Photo Credit: Andrea Krappweis)

I really want to make this a short post, but I guess I’ll just flow with the current. I’ve read and watched with a growing amount of apprehension at the recent UN decision to lift the arms embargo in Syria… I know – some of you might scoff or even snigger, what’s Syria got to do with me? But please, just read on.

Syria is comfortably in the Middle East, faraway from your suburban street with well laid lawns and ripening flowers in their blooms. You watched your kids get on the school bus, (or you take them) like I do every blessed morning but Syria can really come to our doorstep to hunt us.

Remember world war 2? Most of you don’t, I wasn’t even born then. Okay, let me bring things closer, what about Afghanistan? Osama Bin Laden? Yeah, at…

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