No Secret Ingredient

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Seyi Sandra David


I watched this interesting film on Saturday, ‘Kunfu Panda.’ (It’s a great film, the story line is simply awesome!)

What really struck me about the film was when Po‘s dad told him something which really caught my attention. This duck dude, who was famed for his special noodles said,

‘There is no Secret Ingredient!!!…To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.’

Everyone thought Po’s dad had a secret ingredient which made his noodles tastier and different. But he simply believed in himself and his ability to make a great noddle.

You just have to believe in YOURSELF, your marriage, your friends, your job… Yeah, your job!

Self belief and self-confidence is not being cocky, or damn too sure of yourself. It is having the belief that you can scale greater heights… and succeed.

If you feel you’re worthless, believe me – you are, and why is that? You’ll…

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