Fanatics On The Prowl

Everyone should read this great article! It’s a shame that some people revel in the deaths of innocent, harmless people. A very thoughtful post!

Seyi Sandra David

It seemed the events of the past few days can be aptly described as ludicrous, uncalled for and a useless way to express one’s faith, or the madness of faith. I don’t get why I would bother fighting for a ‘God’ who cannot defend ‘himself’

I respect people and their ‘faiths’ but when at the instance of very little provocation, there is wanton destruction of lives and property, then something is fundamentally wrong.

I was watching the news today and was dismayed that Pakistan declared ‘Day Of Love’ a day designated to show love for their prophet, a day to fight for Prophet Mohammed and what was the end result? Blatant waste of lives.

Scores of the demonstrators lay dead, in a pool of their own blood, all because a man dared express his opinion about a religion. I don’t subscribe to insulting people or their beliefs but neither do…

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