Vapours In The Wind…

A heartfelt poem from our author, Ms. Seyi Sandra David! Our prayers to you, your dear friend and his family!

Seyi Sandra David


(Photo credit: 13DeDe)

 Your smile stayed glued to my brain.

Your laughter echoes through my mind.

Your voice stayed with me as I pen this words.

Life is like vapours in the wind, so fleeting, so quick.

You spoke a few words this morning,

You even smiled amidst your pain.

And then you breathe your last!

My heart trembled with shock.

My tears were hot on my cheeks.

It was so quick dear friend.

You left too early.

My fingers ache.


I’ll be taking a week’s break from blogging. A very dear friend of mine died this morning, and in respect to him and his family, I’ll stay away for a while. Life is fleeting I know but when you love someone dearly and they leave when you least expected, its shattering. I’ll be back next Friday.

Live well dear friends, love from me to you!


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